reNRG Solutions (Pty) Ltd Privacy Policy

What personal information do we have?

Private Users:

  • Name and surname.
  • ID Number.
  • Address and Erf Number linked to your Electricity Meter Number.
  • Email.
  • Cell phone.

Commercial or Industrial Users:

  • Company Name.
  • Company Registration Number.
  • Company VAT Number.
  • Address and Erf Number linked to your Electricity Meter Number.
  • Email.
  • Cell phone.

How do we hold this information?

  • Completed registration forms (Hard copies).
  • Online metering system (Electronic registration) – IOM

Why do we need this information?

  • Identification needed to link the meter to premises and the person/company responsible for electricity purchases.
  • Contact information in case of meter issues.
  • Invoicing for conventional electricity usage.
  • User authentication in case of loss of access.

When and how will we use this information?

  • Information to user in case of a faulty meter.
  • Information to user in case of office closures.
  • Sending invoices to conventionally billed clients.
  • No information will be shared, sold, or rented to a 3rd Party other than our official operator, i.e., IOM –
  • The information will not be used for marketing purposes.

Our security measures to protect your information:

  • No information is stored on portable devices.
  • Latest up to date anti-virus and firewall software installed.
  • All logins are password protected with an authenticator for each user.
  • Hard copies are kept in a locked cabinet.
  • Premises are secured.

Third Party access to your information:

  • IOM, as the operator with whom there exist an Operator’s Agreement –
  • Your local municipality.

Procedure in case of a breach of information:

  • Data subjects concerned will be notified of the breach via email.
  • Information Regulator will be informed of the breach
  • Also see IOM –

reNRG Staff:

  • All staff signed a Confidentiality agreement.
  • A POPI Policy is in place and signed by all staff.
  • Staff are trained and aware of the confidentiality of the information detained.
  • Staff are trained regarding security protocols, e.g., passwords, phishing, etc.

How to access /modify your information:

  • Upon registration all users will receive an SMS with the registered number and a link to the web address that can be used to log into the specific meter. The user will also receive a username and password to log into said meter.
  • Logging in will allow the user to view:
    o Graphs.o Units used.
    o Units remaining.
    o Meter number (which is also their reference number).
    o Purchase history.
    o The Nersa tariffs.
    o Download a .PDF report on which the registered user’s name and address as well as the monthly usage can be viewed.
  • Should you require further detail you can contact us via email:
  • A code will be sent to your cell phone which we will then require before modifying any information on the system.

reNRG invites any user to contact us if they wish to sign a formal Data Processing Agreement with reNRG. This Agreement can be consulted by clicking here.

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