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Planet Earth's most valuable Resource

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Our Take on Alternative Energy

Here’s the reNRG take on ‘being renewable’ …

 We are not here to re-invent the wheel. We are not here to hug trees. We are not here to scare you with stories about the demise of Planet Earth. We are here to engage in honest discourse on what it will take to make you and your business independent of the looming energy crisis. It really is that simple.

FACT: the energy needs required to ensure the continued survival of our human race have never escalated at a greater pace than right now, and science shows that this will continue to expand exponentially. Our global hunger for power does not mean we should prioritize consumption ahead of a sustainable future or resource management, though, which leaves us to strive for the best possible state of equilibrium. 

Energy consumption and the survival of the planet are contemporary realities we must live with, and the only way to balance out these opposing issues will be through exploring new ways of powering not only industry, but also our homes and lives at grass root level. South Africa finds itself at the very crux of this imbalance, with unchecked load shedding and a looming water crisis poised to disrupt the majority of municipalities and urban areas. Your future is dependent upon you taking charge, right now.

This is where reNRG comes into the equation: we aim to become a key player in bringing about, firstly, a change in attitude in how we power our future, and secondly, by putting forward practical solutions as to how each of us can become ‘energy-independent’, while conserving Planet Earth in the process.

Now is the time to act if we want to avoid causing irreversible damage to our natural resources, both in South Africa and around the world.

The reNRG Mission Statement

In the end, life -and energy – is all about balance.

The first step towards preserving our natural environment is to counter the energy needs of our ever-increasing population at baseline level. Eight billion people on earth corresponds to a massive over-exploitation of existing resources, and this has become a reality we can no longer ignore.

Every human on this planet – rich and poor, Africans and Americans – is dependent on our relationship with the environment, and each one of us therefore need to assume personal responsibility in a quest to conserve resources. This is why our range of renewable energy solutions has been developed to ensure that we empower homeowners and businesses to plug into their own dependable power supply.

Our dedicated team and partner skills cover every angle of sustainable generation, from solar installations and wind turbines, to consulting on utility-scale projects such as kinetic wave energy installations.

Through this, we aim to boost business confidence in the country, create employment, and strengthen the ability of local communities to take charge of their own futures. And with our reNRG vision completely focused on reliable and clean energy, we will strive to do this without adversely affecting the future of our children.

Our goal at reNRG is to ensure that the energy grid is not dependent on fossil fuels and instead carbon-free, affordable and sustainable.


Because we cannot reWIND what has been done to Planet Earth.

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