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The boom in demand for clean energy will go hand in hand with a massive escalation in mining and construction projects on the African continent, and reNRG is well positioned to assist in powering this on-going drive for South Africa’s mineral wealth. Historically, the mining sector has shown robust growth, attaining all-time highs in the past decade.

A marked decline in its contribution to the GDP can be traced back to the escalating load-shedding issue in South Africa, with a year-on-year decrease of over 10.4% logged in 2022. Economists trace this back to ‘erratic power supply and supply chain disruption’, direct consequences of the government’s inability to guarantee a dependable energy grid.

The only viable pathway to ensuring future productivity will be to firstly become energy-independent, and secondly find ways to reduce your consumption. Our reNRG range of solutions include a broad range of informational and hardware technology, from smart metering and smart energy applications, to implementing and installing Solar and Load Balancing protocols specifically tailored to the needs of these sectors.

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