Conservation & Wilderness Projects

Smart Conservation

reNRG is fully committed to conservation

South Africa is globally renowned as an unequalled nature and wildlife destination, and at reNRG we are absolutely committed to conservation.

It is therefore only fair that we focus a solid segment of our service delivery to those organisations and destinations dotted in and around the Rainbow Nation’s most breathtaking corners.

Large-scale solar installations make a lot of sense in remote areas, as does saving water as the sub-continent is subjected to encroaching desertification.

Clean-energy boreholes, computerized water supply systems and thermal energy solutions are but a few of many clever tricks up our proverbial sleeve …

Premium lodges, net-zero cabins integrating solar and grey-water systems, mobile Apps to allow you real-time control over power and water usage … these are all facets of how we will help you re-imagine your energy future.

No matter how small or large a concern you are, get in touch and take that first step towards ‘conservation’ of a different kind.

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We would love to chat and help you become energy-independent, while also saving you water (and money) at the same time. Our reNRG systems are structured to address your specific requirements, regardless of the size of your business. And yes, the money you save is guaranteed to pay for your project – it really is a no-brainer, especially within a South African context.

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