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Travel has bounced back remarkably to pre-COVID levels, conclusively proving that the ‘New Normal’ is pretty much ‘business as usual’. There are some crucial future scenarios to consider though, and key to this will be the need to adopt a clean energy strategy within the Hospitality and Travel sectors.

This move will edge the industry towards carbon-neutral travel and an investment in e-vehicles; e-commuting, and a corresponding need for enhanced bandwidth and improved cellular technology; and the non-negotiable need for an uninterrupted energy supply at everything from tiny Air BnBs to high-end hotels and convention centres.

We find ourselves at the forefront of this switch to renewable energy, with reNRG able to assist in the full gamut of services, from energy audits and app-based power management, through to large scale alternative energy installations.

Fossil fuel generators is not a long-term solution, and once again our focus on solar-, wind and other forms of clean energy generation will be imperative as the world moves towards a net zero energy future.

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