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Our reNRG philosophy is very much rooted in the farming culture that underpins the South African economy, and we have therefore keenly followed the cutting-edge trends focussed on both water saving and solar energy generation in the agricultural sector.

Together with partners such as Ocular Consulting and Acumen Rain we have developed globally relevant software specifically aimed at saving farmers money.

We structure our project proposal around a framework where the savings you generate on water and electricity usage will actually pay your reNRG bill, so in effect our services will most likely not cost you a cent!

We are currently monitoring two of our test-case projects on farms in the North West Province and Eastern Cape, and would love to share the results with interested parties.

As an experienced team with wide-ranging expertise and a proven track record, reNRG is 100% committed to supplying clients with professional and affordable solutions.

Potential projects include everything from solar installations or water management systems, to tracking and managing usage through our advanced computerised technology.

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We would love to chat and help you become energy-independent, while also saving you water (and money) at the same time. Our reNRG systems are structured to address your specific requirements, regardless of the size of your business. And yes, the money you save is guaranteed to pay for your project – it really is a no-brainer, especially within a South African context.

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