Smart Partnerships

Continued growth and a dynamic labour and political landscape in South Africa mean that strategic partnerships with specialists in the renewable energy market are imperative. As such, reNRG has established strong working relationships or collaborations with a range of experienced and ethical businesses striving for the same energy vision.

Ocular Consulting

OCULAR CONSULTING is one such partner venture, and was formed by reNRG MD, Mike Marais, in 2018. Their key mission is to help implement Smart Solutions Management, with a drive to assist clients from both the private sector and relevant government institutions.

The experienced team will focus on helping reNRG clients to resolve challenges in revenue flow, while also synergising turnkey development strategies. This not only protects income streams, but also maximises profit innovative smart solutions management. A feasibility study before project initiation will guarantee cash flow enhancements, otherwise they will recommend that the clients do not go ahead with said project.

As an extremely dedicated team, they believe that all solutions are result driven and payment for services are directly connected to achieved goals and results. All current projects have impacted positively on clients’ revenue situation and have influenced their long-term goals and smart thinking positively. Our dedication to Smart Solutions is unconditional.

Currently, reNRG and Ocular Consulting are partnering across a number of joint initiatives, mainly within Civil Engineering, Construction and Solutions Management sectors. Their vision is to install and instil revenue enhancement principles and strategic planning in their corporate clients’ businesses.

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Acumen Rain

Right now, a reliable energy grid is hyped as Africa’s key priority for sustainable growth, but most climate experts agree that water supply will be the future deal breaker for much of the sub-Saharan sub-continent. According to, more than 60% of Africans currently subsist in regions varying from semi-arid to hyper-arid conditions. 

Subsistence crop farming under these extreme climatic conditions make survival difficult and, in some cases, impossible, further driving urbanisation and the collapse of the rural agricultural industry. It has become obvious that water will soon be Africa’s most critical resource, and this is why ACUMEN RAIN stands out as a primary reNRG partner.

With global water supplies dwindling, more and more farmers will become dependent on professional and reliable water management systems. A key focus at reNRG is to aim to promote effective water management through primarily streamlining the allocation of this very scarce resource, and in the process save farmers both time and money.

South Africa’s deteriorating water supply infrastructure and sky-rocketing population – and the fact that around 65% of Africa’s arable land has become severely degraded – means an imminent collapse of the continent’s agricultural industry is a major potential concern.

Together with ACUMEN RAIN, reNRG has invested in cutting edge proprietary software and the relevant hardware technology to secure a dependable water future for all our clients.

Our two current agricultural test projects – in the Kouga Region (Eastern Cape) and North West Province – have delivered on all levels, and we would love to share these outcomes with any interested parties.

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In addition to the above partnerships, reNRG has furthermore signed an agreement with BENEVISON, one of the leading brands in Smart Tracking Technology. This collaboration will be incorporated into all future STS Vending and Smart Metering Systems installations.  Similar agreements are considered with global players in the Smart Housing sector, where reNRG are poised to enter the market.

Beyond South African borders

The African landscape is where we see reNRG having the most noticeable impact over the coming decade and beyond, and with a view to this, we’ve established offices in Gaborone, Botswana. All cross-border projects will be coordinated from this base in one of the sub-continent’s fastest growing and most stable economies.

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